Raft Wars Multiplayer

Raft Wars Multiplayer is the multiplayer form of the flagship game Raft Wars. The first Raft Wars is a silly level shooting competition made by Martijn Kunst where you and your sibling Simon must protect your fortune from enemies, all things being equal! This time, your opponents are not limited to PCs, but rather you play against different players from all over the world. Take on anyone from anywhere on the planet in this multiplayer form of Raft Wars! Power up your own pontoon and go into battle equipped with weapons. Work your abilities on the fly and guarantee yourself triumph as you overwhelm your opponents. In the new exciting web-based game Raft Wars Multiplayer, you and many different players will go to the planet, the surface of which is completely covered with water. Individuals here live in small groups on pontoons and are constantly fighting for their endurance. You will order a collection of such individuals. A pontoon floating on the water will appear on the screen in front of you. It will be equipped with various weapons. When you see the sailing method for opponents, move towards it at a certain distance. Right now, controlling your legends, find fire to kill. By shooting accurately, you will damage the enemy pontoon until you completely submerge it. From this point on, you have to collect the prizes that are floating in the water.