Tag 2

Tag 2 takes the tag circle you know and love to an unheard of level! The moment the clock runs out and you're holding the bomb, it's done. So go through the entrances, use fun pillows and run as fast as you can to stay away from the player who is! In the event that you are equipped in any way necessary for a real situation, rate the Zombie mode. There are loads of sprinters to unlock and daily missions to complete, so there's always something to do. Play with no one else's help, or form up to 4 companions of raging folly! Could you dominate this extreme tag match?

Strange and at the same time funny animals - a reptile, a knight, a frog, a dog and the rest met today to play a similar fun game with many areas, despite the fact that it is difficult to call a bomb run your head is interesting, but it is our specialty! You can have a lot of crap, but provided you win, obviously, since, assuming you lose, it's probably clear what could happen.