Together with the main person of the new web game Recoil you will go to fight with beasts. In front of you on the screen you will see your personality, who will be in a certain area with an extremely powerful weapon in his hands. Your opponent will be at a certain distance. You have to focus on it to make a shot. Your shot, making noise around the city, will blow it up and obliterate it. Remember that firearms have recoil. Also, after the shot, your legend will be thrown back with force. This way, make sure your legend doesn't kick the bucket when you run into different articles. Recoil is a powerful game with vivid pixel art in which you must assume mental strength and barbarically wipe out a risky pink infection that undermines people's well-being. Aim and shoot boldly as you make an honest effort to control the laws of material science as you see fit. Skip, stunt and consistently point the right direction! Be careful! A slight touch to one of the stage's sharp spikes can lead you directly to death. Carefully control your development and unlock weapons of different types with different characteristics such as guns, rifles, pistols, miniguns, laser beams, rifles, bows and bolts and more. Figure out how to use them by practicing and don't waste your hits, finish the infection and have a good time. Recoil is a stage/active game by Martin Magni. You play as a little person and with the help of different weapons you have to kill the horrible pink infections! You can't move though, your best way to move is by using the power of your weapon to push yourself! Watch out for the spikes, they'll knock you out quickly! Cooperate with tons of different mechanics and clear your way through each level!