Sausage Flip

Sausage Flip is an extremely entertaining entertainment that will not leave anyone indifferent. Also, the guy himself is extremely funny. You just have to throw the sausage past the end goal. The problem is that at different levels, the route of the Frankfurt flight will be obstructed by various obstacles. Along these lines, you must choose how to defeat them.

The goal is to get the wiener onto the fork in as few moves as can really be expected. The fewer moves you use, the more stars you will gain for each level. It will take quick reflexes and sharp coordination to keep flipping the hot dog while it's in the air to get it on the fork.

In this fun web-based game, your goal will be to send the wiener to the farthest edge of the level. It has to connect to the end goal so you can get to a higher level. You really want to use the way the hotdog can no doubt stick to any item, which can help you get further. Several things will move or flip, so you want to react quickly and send your hotdog legend at the perfect moment. Assuming you miss that second, you'll have to start all over. Can you beat each of the levels in a moment in the most memorable experience?

Sausage Flip is an arcade game where you have to face the extreme challenge of flipping a hotdog with scared eyes. You play by sliding your finger or mouse back to point and deliver to shoot the wiener. However, be warned - the game is not as simple as it sounds. You want to reach the final goal without falling off the stage, which is full of amazing but often slippery items like rocket vehicles, delicate blocks, rotating gears and many more! As you continue to play, you will unlock many cool skins and outfits to style your hotdog however you like. Don't forget to pass the game on to your mates and show everyone who the best (hot) dog is!