The coveted 3D first individual shooter awaits you at Blockpost. Before threatening, choose a country: blue or red. The previous one defends the designated place, while the last option will attack and try to conquer it. Once selected, you will move on to the first of a series of areas: gun competition, group battle, expert shooter field, bomb mode. Each of them has its own principles, but one thing remains the same - you will have to shoot a lot. Collect weapons to replace them with all the more impressive, and in the game's stock there are over 100 assortments of them. In addition, there is a place to tour twenty drivers. You will play many war games in Blockpost. Blockpost is 3D's first individual shooting match made by Skullcap Studios. In this procedural cubic 3D shooter you will experience exciting online matches that no other game can offer. Play current matches against real people for free. Just choose a weapon from your stockpile and embark on a match! There are seven game modes, over 20 manuals and over 100 types of weapons in Blockpost. You can get coins with every game you play. The more matches you play, the more you can improve and improve. Don't forget to greet your companions in your group and duplicate your strength! Blockpost is one of the most habit-forming block multiplayer shooters!