Temple of Boom

Kill beasts to escape the Temple of Boom! This dangerous stage game makes you endure flurries of deadly attacks. In Mission mode, you will face evil animals in three hideouts. In the endless mode, your main goal is to kill all of these and stay alive. Kill beasts to escape the Temple of Boom! This dangerous platformer will challenge you to withstand waves of dangerous attacks. In the mission mode, you will go against each other beasts in three sanctuaries. In eternal mode, your goal will be to kill all of them and stay alive! The game also offers you a 2-player mode where you can play together with a friend. The game is significantly more fun this way, so be sure to give it a try. Will you survive the battle against the zombies? Jump from one stage to another, open the chests and collect each of the weapons you find in these dark prisons to protect yourself from the dangerous onslaught of the living dead. Will you pay what you owe? Choose a companion for the battle and rate the 2-player mode. The Shrine Wars Begin! The malevolent groups that need to kick out the safehouses are gearing up and heading to the safehouses. You can fight against these groups in the shrines alone or you can include your companion in this fight and you can set up a super fight against him/her. You can have new weapons by opening the containers.