Gatdamn. io

Gatdamn. io is an interesting 2D shooter in which you will face different players. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your personality. Your decision will depend on what weapon you will be equipped with. From now on, your saint and his rivals will be in a certain region. Using the control keys, you will make your legend move to the path you really want. Look around carefully. When you spot one of your opponents, open fire to kill. By shooting accurately, you will erase your opponent and get tricks for him. After the death of the enemy, various rewards may fall, which you must collect. These things will help you cope in your further battles. is an io-multiplayer game for battle and climb to the top of the rankings. Join the world and start the battle with each other. When a player is taken down, you can take and prepare your opponent's weapon and also restore some well-being from him, so consistently try to take him before the others. You can also play a private game with your companions.