Scrap Divers

Choose your #1 robot, take a deep breath and plan a jump into the void in Scrap Divers! In this action arcade game, you have to move your robot as it falls infinitely further through different regions. Each region has many pieces scattered throughout. With this, you can purchase a redesigned design, new robots, and certain locations in the guide. Accumulate as little of it as possible! There are more than 15 unique Jumpers to explore, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some will fall super fast, but are extremely delicate. Others will be strong but slower to move. Collect them all to see which one suits your playstyle best! How far could you go at any given time?

Jump into an extraordinary high-speed retro obstacle course highlighting an adorable robot in the game Scrap Divers! Avoid walls, conquer dangerous moving clippers, colossal flaming torches and a host of other perilous obstacles as you fall without brakes and without thinking back through an endless passage.

It sounds basic, however, only the lightest and most prepared players will get the chance to break through all the breakpoints. You won't be able to stop the fast fall that is looking for you, so train your reflexes, react quickly to what is looking for you and continue with a new encounter, collecting the screws.

Get ready to test your reflexes and reaction speed, which will help you adapt to the fall of a robot that ends up in some deep passage in another arcade. No one realizes what is looking for him below and if somehow he will have this base, but in fact he has to travel to it and sometimes it is difficult.