Electro cop 3D

In this rip-off experience, robbers have robbed a bank and you have to chase them on a power ski. Explore canals and waterways as you collect cash and return it to the bank. With deterrents, trampolines and an endurance race, you'll need to use quick reflexes and simple controls to outsmart the robbers and set a new speed record. Use the bolt keys and WASD keys to control your ski flow and take down the baddies.

Electro cop 3D is a cool experience game where you have to try your hand at marine cop job. According to the story, you must go in search of the desperadoes who ransacked the bank! After clearing the vault they went to their water wheels. That's where our legend swims up. The moment he saw that the robbers were right under his nose, he had to give chase.

Electro cop 3D is a daring game where you play as a cop on skis in a stream, chasing down bank robbers and getting back all the money.

A group of desperadoes have committed a bank robbery and you have the precious chance to hunt them down on speed skis. As you explore waterways and streams, you'll encounter various obstacles, such as trampolines, which can help you increase your speed. An exhilarating experience combines fast-moving activity with a thoroughly exhilarating endurance race.

Your police headquarters has received a call that a group of crooks have robbed a bank and are currently trying to get out of it across the water on river skis. You in the game Electro cop 3D have to find the law breakers and capture them. In front of you on the screen you will see your personality, which will rush through the water on its fly skis, gradually moving. Check the screen. There will be various objects floating on the water that will get in your way. You deftly move on stream skis you have to go around them. Your task is to find the crooks and start hitting them. Or on the other hand you can use a unique weapon that will damage their vehicle. After taking a shot you will get focuses in Electro cop 3D game.