Doc HoneyBerry Kitty Surgery

Doc HoneyBerry Kitty Surgery is a reenactment game where you play as Doc HoneyBerry to help this adorable little kitty from the accident. Deal with wounds and mend broken bones. After you recover, refresh the kitten with many styles and shades of clothes, pants, shoes, hats and different sample skins. Give the kitten an adorable makeover.

A young lady named Honey opened her own veterinary center. Today, one will help cats, and you in the game Doc HoneyBerry Kitty Surgery willingly have to help her in this. In front of you on the screen you will see a cat that got into a car accident. The patient suffered various wounds. The most important thing is to look at it carefully and draw a conclusion. When you have done this, you can start the treatment. It is your duty to follow the prompts on the screen to include clinical tools and drugs in a specific group. After completing each of the techniques, you will correct the cat and then proceed to receive the next patient.