Building Rush

Building Rush is a fun business game for executives in which you have to take responsibility for the lively organization of the inventory. You need to provide different requirements for applications from different organizations in a fast and experienced way. You need to deal with your transport armada and ensure that you have enough trucks to meet the needs of your customers. During each level, you must meet a certain level of benefit before you can progress. There are a total of 20 levels to play and you can purchase a wide range of moves to work in business. Could you create a final transport business and create a sphere of transportation? The new city is still under construction, which gives you an incredible chance to buy something. Produce processing plants and sell construction materials accordingly. Your task will be to make a specific amount inside as much as possible, if not, you will not reach a higher level. For the money you can buy back various improvements. Another city is in the process of development - an ideal chance to deposit money! Assemble factories for delivery and sale of construction materials. Getting decorations and achievements will give you redesign tricks. Spend them to expand your usefulness. The bronze award gives you 100 tricks, the silver gives +50, the gold +50 more, every $ 10 over the prerequisites for brilliant decoration will give you 1 redesign point. There is another city under development, so this is the perfect opportunity to make some money. Build manufacturing plants, sell building materials, import decorations and money, open achievements and increase efficiency. In front of you is a region with houses, fields, streets, etc. Your task, as another financial specialist and part-time manufacturer, is to choose the right plot on which to assemble a house and then sell it. In each of the levels fulfill each of the orders, really at this time you can continue. Manage your assets precisely.