Dynamons 2

Do you want your cat to have amazing powers other than chasing after balls of yarn and resting all day? Let the adorable cat be and turn your attention to the dynamons in the second round of the amazing series, Dynamons 2! Amazing staple animals are back and they're hanging tight for you to catch and prepare! Dynamons probably won't be as light as your cats, but they sure know how to put up a fight. Order them as you stand up and battle against a variety of dynamos or diva trainers that meander across the open country! Would you be able to become the best dynamon mentor and create an amazing group of highly trained dynamos? The power of the elementals is easily accessible with the continuous continuous interaction that Dynamons 2 offers. Every kid fantasizes about becoming a dynamon trainer, but taming and training dynamos is definitely not an easy job. Before you can prepare dynamos and consider yourself a skipper, you need to learn! There are 5 different main gatherings that all dynamos fall under. Every natural gathering has its own flaws and defenses. These main gatherings are plant types, water types, fire types, electric varieties, and shadow types. In order to have an amazing group of dynamos, you need to think about the entire gathering of components and choose your dynamos admirably as indicated by the varieties your opponent has. An honest group is what brings success to coaches. The moment you initially start the game, you have to choose your first dynamite. They may look adorable at the moment, but when you take them into battle and return triumphant, your dynamite will gain focusing experience and can power up to become a terrifying animal! Lower level Dynamons have basic attack abilities and they will gain new attack types as they level up. To increase dynamin, you need to use dynastone. They are available in 6 assortments, one for each main variety and an additional one that can be used for each type of dynamin. So go out and collect as many dynamos as you can! Catch all engaging animals in Dynamons 2! Giovanni needs you to become Dynamon's captain. You will choose a starter, such as Hopchop, Pengoo, or Quacko. During a session, you can unleash Sonic Shock, Flame Swirl, and Bubble Burst. Level up your best monsters! You are called upon to prepare your Dynamons and set them up for the battle ahead. Use different attacks and guards to win every time. Get involved with this sequel to the main Dynamons game! Would you be able to try to take on all the Dynamons and become the boss?