Noob Hook

Play with Noob Hook in an expert physics game with a stylish block brought to life from the famous Minecraft game, where you have to help the Noob reach the final goal without harm!

An intuitive cursor with the goal of sending the game character as far as you can while collecting coins and trying not to touch your body to the dangerous rotating edges and spikes along the way. Spin boldly, starting with one block and then onto the next, throwing your noose with vigor and adjusting your personality with the covers you open thanks to your awesome work.

Noob Hook is a physics-based expert game with a blocky feel. Your goal is to reach the final destination in one piece without hitting obstacles or falling into traps. Drag and drop your cursor or finger to fire your grappling hook and send yourself forward. Spin from the block you're hanging on and shoot your noose into the next block. Repeat this process until you see the checkered target. Try to collect as many coins as can be expected under the circumstances so that you can unlock new and cool skins for your personality. Don't forget to pass it on to your companions so you can find out who can complete the game faster and be the hero.