Gameloft Solitaire

Gameloft Solitaire is a much loved puzzle solitaire! Join an interesting excursion around the whole planet and a new meeting that you will not ignore. Gameloft Solitaire is here to magically transport you back to ancient Egypt with its solitaire games! Reveal sponsor cards with striking powers by discarding the cards at the highest point of your deck! Pack your bags and get ready for a mental exercise; we're turning back the clock! In case you love antiquated civilizations, this solitaire game is just for you! Explore the methods of ancient Egypt as you take part in your games at the most popular pyramids on the planet! Start the game to see the extraordinary themed maps and the imaginary connection point! In this rendition of the well-known solitaire, the player must tap a card to place it on top of another card on top. You can choose one consecutive card. In case you cannot play any cards or there is no joker, you can tap the deck in the upper left corner to open new cards. Win matches to open smaller than normal games and organize the cards, order them correctly, kill them all! Use the promoters to clear the entire deck, buy yourself extra time, free one card from each deck, or play any card you need next turn. Discover new card decks by dominating small matches and finding them all. In the exciting new Gameloft Solitaire game, we bring out solitaire made in the old Egyptian style. In front of you on the screen you will see the battlefield, on which two cards will lie on top. Below them you will see several piles of cards. Your task is to clear the field of cards. To do this, you need to move the cards from the piles and place them on top according to certain guidelines. Thus, little by little, you will free the field from objects. Assuming you run out of turns, you can draw cards from the help deck. When you play solitaire, you will be given tricks to win the Gameloft Solitaire game and proceed to a higher level of the game.