Learn 2 Fly

Send the penguin to the farthest you could, could you get any of the redesigns? Assuming you like this game, try playing the same Learn to Fly Idle and Learn to Fly, the latest versions. It will be extremely difficult from the beginning, but you really want to collect your first coins to buy updates. Then, at this point, you can gradually fly longer distances, get more cash flow and purchase each of the updates. Show that the penguin can fly. Learn 2 Fly is an experienced game in which you have to show your penguin how to fly. In this game you can collect coins to buy a wide range of enhancers to make your penguin fly farther. You can start by buying a plain umbrella to go down during your flight instead of crashing, but when you get further into the game, you can buy rockets to move forward! Try to get the final stuff and fly to the point you can imagine. Show your penguin how to fly by rehearsing entrances and buying different things like umbrellas to make it fly farther. Follow the instructions given in the game to find a working pace. Help the penguin invent the perfect plant to figure out how to fly! Demonstrate that penguins can fly with Learn to Fly 2, the sequel to the main game in the series. Penguins have wings, so they should be able to fly, right? That's basically what our little icy satellite thinks. Having been stopped by the wild ice sheets for the last time, this penguin is very excited to get revenge! So fasten your seat belts, prepare your light flyers and get on your sled! It's time to get to know heaven properly! Learn 2 Fly gives players many decisions to play and participate in the game. With its many unlocks, challenges and fascinating moves, you will play the game for a long time. Your goal is to try to get to the farthest point. The moment you first start the game, you will be given 3 game mode choices. The regime of history continues with the last known point of interest. This game mode must be completed to open the other two modes, example and arcade. Our hero took his example from his previous meetings and this time he will use a fake to carefully consider his flight plans. Learn 2 Fly differs from the prehistory in that it presents payloads. As you overcome the difficulties and overcome your results, you will bring money to spend in the store to buy major repairs. These changes are vital to achieving higher results. You can purchase devices to further develop your maximum speed, height, time, distance and destruction details. With more money you can open more redesigns and apply them to your fake. You can also work on the height and length of the slope and how much fuel you can use in the overhaul of the elevator. Penguins are the saddest birds on the planet. Why do you ask? Because they are birds, but they cannot fly. Anyway, no more, in Learn to Fly 2, you will help your adorable penguins fly through the sky with today's machines, but your icebergs have stopped and blurred your fantasies. You are currently returning for retribution!