Blockins is a puzzle platformer where you control and arrange Tetris-like blocks to reach the entrance. You will get several blocks of unusual shapes - and you can pass the level regardless of whether you have figured out how to get one of them into the entrance! Switch blocks, jump starting from one stage and then to the next, in some cases stack blocks on top of each other to act as blocks, or even flip the pieces. There are plenty of imaginary obstacles holding up traffic at the entrance, so you'll find plenty of mind-blowing and fulfilling puzzles to tackle. Just relax in case you get stuck - you can constantly use a clue to tell you the best way to pass the level.

Animal Blockins love experiences during which you want to strain the convolutions of the brain to adapt to different tasks. Today, they simply go on one of these ventures and offer to go with them to any person who adores invigorating missions.