Jungle Friends

Jungle Friends is an equipment-free drawing game where you step into the paws of an adorable fox! Your task is to explore different regions and satisfy the needs of your various companion creatures. Starting off by tending to delicious raccoon berries, you'll progress to setting up huge fires for cozy rest, establishing carrots, really focusing on the sheep and chickens, shearing fleece, collecting eggs, offering revitalizing bear showers, fishing and more than you can imagine! Sound like a lot? You can definitely relax! You'll have the help of trusty ferrets and dogs to lighten the load. Use the coins provided to rework your supervisory abilities, open up new workspaces, and upgrade your staff's skills. Don't forget to really look through your inventory to freshen up your fox! What number of desert companions could you make at any given time?

Today you have the potential chance to join the fox child who has chosen to spend the whole day helping all his furry companions or at least the inhabitants of the forest, and for this he must collect natural products, take care of birds, go to fishing and much more. Obviously, there will be partners in this huge, bright forest, and that means no one will be left without help!