Extra Hot Chili 3D

A young man named Tom will take part in a fast food competition. Extra Hot Chili 3D will help him win these rivalries. An exclusive treadmill will be visible on the screen in front of you. Your man's head will slide on it, slowly gaining speed. Using the control keys, you will control the activities of your legend. Look carefully at the screen. There will be various staples everywhere that your saint should eat. Among the food you will see hot stewed peppers. You need to make sure that your legend maintains a strategic distance from the side of the bean stew. Just eat a few peppers and you will lose the match. Can you say that you are a fanatic of fiery food? Rate with Extra Hot Chili 3D an exciting 3D game full of feelings, in which you have to demonstrate to the world the level of endurance to the different types of hot peppers that exist around the planet. Feed your main person by moving him from one side of the screen to the next and control the degree of heat in his body to keep his blood from boiling to the cause of the detonation. Refrain from taking care of everything that is not tasty and prepare your mouth to consume it constantly. There is nothing that makes an individual healthier and more solid than chili! Sort and eat the most shiny red peppers. What's more, show off your ability to handle the most lavish peppers and hot peppers in the world. This is a particularly hot time for suffocation!