Casual Weekend Fashionistas

The weekend is here and Ariel and Elsa want to hang out on this bright day. The time has come to choose relaxed outfits for them. Start by choosing a decent hairstyle at the end, coordinating with the outfits to wear. Unleash your imagination and make the best calm look of all time. In the game Casual Weekend Fashionistas we will meet two miles who work on site in a huge organization. We will help each of them to choose the right outfit for this occasion. Go to the dressing area and inspect everything that hangs there from the clothes. The main concern is to choose the outfit for the young lady as you would prefer. Under it you should take shoes in case you need various jewelry that they may need when walking in the recreation center. Ariel and Elsa are two fashionistas who are also old friends. They need to spend a quiet weekend together, but they really need to look adorable. Could you help them with choosing the right outfits? Start with Ariel and style her hair in two twisted ponytails or a short wave. Dress her in a fuzzy sweater with a metallic addition in the center and a donut print, a pink pleated skirt, a long plum silk coat and decorate with a dark choker, cat dress and a few dark shades. Then, at this point, continue to Elsa and make her hair long and wavy or braid it. For your outfit, choose a purple plaid sweater, a denim skirt with suspenders and a few boring socks. Complete with dark calfskin coat, woven scarf and yellow courier bag. Rate the game on this great game!