Escape From School

Your day at school is finally over, but you're stuck in jail! How could you spend your free time now? There's only one thing to do: Escape from school!
Clear your way through trap-filled ventilation shafts, house rooms and passageways and don't get caught! Collect as many chocolate bars as you can, you can use them to buy new outfits! You can definitely relax assuming you're stuck, there are reliable boosters around to take care of you! Could you get out of your mean head and go to school anytime?

Not all understudies rush home after completing examples; staying to play with friends. Apparently, the school security is against such activities of the students and thus tries to expel them from school by coordinating a whole series of tests. We're going to try to help one of these students stay away from the fate of being caught by the guards while having a great time using the climate and their number one water gun.