Xmas Rooftop Battles

In Xmas Rooftop Battles, it's the perfect opportunity for a great rivalry. The snow falls gently and every place is enriched with different Christmas designs. The decks of the houses may be stiff, but that can't stop different characters starting a fight! Take the fight together with your hero and destroy different players! While gift trading is a Christmas tradition, some people believe it's a perfect opportunity to get a kick out of things! Join others in this online multiplayer game and make an honest effort to defeat as many opponents as possible. Your goal is to win each battle and thus unlock all character skins. In the main menu, you can choose 3 unique playback modes. The first is the tutorial where you can get comfortable with the game mechanics, lens and controls. The next mode is ongoing two player interaction. You can fight against a companion in this mode as you both offer the console to play. Finally, there is the main game mode, online combat. Click on the catch to find coordinates to combine with a player on the grid and battle your way to triumph. To dominate a game you need to score 3 focuses. You do this by shooting your opponents off the roof. You unlock character skins by winning matches. Best of luck!