St. Nick's hands have long resembled Snaclaus's gifts! Santa is an expert on gifts and there is no place he can't get to his gifts. To see for yourself, you need to see how interesting the current situation can be when playing this game! Perhaps the best example from the game world is here. The famous snake cooperates with Santa Claus and they give us Snacklaus. In this addictive arcade game, you guide Snaklaus online to collect gifts. With each gift box you collect, you will have a section added to the farthest edge of Snaklaus. You have two choices to play in this game. One is the simpler implementation, where there are no boundaries. This way you can come from the opposite side in case you go through the end. With more difficult adaptations, the matrix has limits, so you fade away if you assume you've hit them. Your goal is not to hit your own tail. This means that in case you can figure out how to guide the snake, you are ready. We need to understand how long you can continue with an increasing number of parts added to the farthest limit of the snake. Snaklaus is a relaxed and fun game like a Christmas snake. Your goal is to collect as many gifts as can be expected under the circumstances to build tricks. There are 2 available game modes, sample mode and hard mode. In exemplary mode, the snake can move from one side to the other. In solid mode, the snake is inside the vault and cannot pass through the dividers. Probably the most famous virtual game is Snake. Today we have to present to your attention one of the variants of this game called Snaklaus. It is dedicated to such a person as Santa Claus and Christmas. In front of you on the screen you will see the battlefield where Santa Claus will be found. You will see that the gift borders look different. You will require your saint to collect them. To do this, you will use the control keys to coordinate your saint's activities and transfer him to the gifts. Remember that your man must not touch the dividers of the battlefield and must also twist around various obstacles in his path.