Stickman Go

Stickman Go is an action stage pretend game where you are a brave stickman figure in a fantasy middle age country full of prisons. Find mysteries, energizing quests, pets and significant loot in your experiences. Smash Overseers, Fighting Flying Minions, Beasts, and the sky's the limit from here on... Try to update your capacity regularly to stay stable during the test. You can unlock a huge number of skins and assistants to keep the game fresh. Don't forget to visit the Fortunate Wheel to bring in some free money in the meantime. We realize you have the ability it takes to complete Stickman Go.

Stickman figured out how to go back several centuries and ended up in the Middle Ages. There are many prisons around Stickman that are extremely dangerous because they are inhabited by beasts and traps are placed everywhere. Whether the person will actually want to adapt to the part of these problem areas is up to you.