Zeepkist: Crash 2D

Zeepkist: Crash 2D is a fun vehicle game where your main goal is to do the most dynamite crashes with your Zeepkist to get high scores! Starting with your gift of choice, discharge your Zeepkist at maximum power and shift your personality left and right brilliantly before sending them off. This Yeet activity deals extreme damage! The more confusion you cause, the more coins you will acquire. Spend your earnings on different vehicles, decorations and obstacles to ride. you can also use the coins to open different guides in the game. Could you at any time crash every Zeepkist you have?

It's not entirely clear what Zeepkist is trying to do, but the way it ends up crashing is real, and at this point you really want to lean back so your driver not only falls and breaks all his bones, but and additionally crash his vehicle. Overall, the crash test looks for you and directs it to achieve the best focuses.