Pizza Cafe

You are currently working in a pizza restaurant with cheap food. There are many customers who constantly have to eat delicious pizza. Serve the demand for pizza to each customer by choosing the right fixers, and be quick or you will lose a customer! As the game progresses, new pizza plans will open. Good luck and good times. Many people who walk around the city enter small and comfortable bistros that would taste delicious and dense. Especially the last time participate in the progress of the organization, where they plan a delicious and tasty pizza. We will try to work with Pizza Cafe in this game today. We will stay behind the stand, which will be approached by guests. Each of them will place food orders. We will prepare ready-made pizza from different fixations. They will help us set it up. There will be a bolt on the screen that will let us know which and in what order we really want to place the elements. The moment the dish is prepared, you will give it to the customer. He will pay you in cash and will be happy with your work.