Ben 10 : Adventure Time

According to the idea of ​​his work, Ben must be everywhere and, surprisingly, have transported it to space on different planets. Anyway, this time in Ben 10 Adventure Time you will get a saint in a world called OOO Land. This is an anti-utopian world, home to the characters you know, Finn and Jake. They have settled there for some time in the past, this is their local component. Also, for Ben, this is something new, vague and extremely dangerous. Help the legend to endure a strange world consisting of dark scenes with spikes shaped with spikes. To get through each of the obstacles, you want to jump, swim in limited breaks, do double somersaults, etc. Ben 10 Adventure Time. Like Ben Tennyson, saving the world is up to you. Deal with some of Ben's most famous enemies, including Zombozo, Queen Bee and Weatherheads. Open and switch to each of Ben's ten amazing exterior structures. Find an exciting new story and use each of the outsider's one-of-a-kind combat moves to defeat opponents, tackle fun riddles, and make it all different.