Last Warriors

Grab your sword and enter the ring in Last Warriors! Choose your number one person from a list of eight and battle against your comrades. Each character has their own power. For example, the ninja Haru is extremely fast and can jump extremely high, but his attacks are not strong to those of the tracker Kalah. Try each warrior to see which best suits your playstyle! Assuming you're playing without anyone else, you can enter race mode! Here you face each of the characters in turn. Undoubtedly, the strongest and most talented warrior can go as far as possible and face the last chief. Can you overcome them and become the boss of Last Warriors?

As it happens, eight-cycle fighting games are still extremely popular among gamers, and there are different purposes behind it! Immediately, longing, moreover, simplicity of control and main plot, and if you add the ability to fight with a companion on a similar screen and from a similar console, the game will turn out to be very nearly a show stopper. Introducing a comparative fighting game, simply welcome a companion and begin the battle.