Super Billy Boy

Super Billy Boy is a 2D side-view platforming game to save a hijacked satellite from an alien robot. Super Billy Boy and his companions chose to explore an obscure planet, but during the quest, his satellite Adduk was abducted by an alien robot. Bet on this experience, full of opponents and risk loops, and help our legend bring his companion home. A gathering of outsiders circling the Galaxy has found a resilient planet. One of them arrived at a surface level to explore this world. You in the game Super Billy Boy will help him in this. Your person will be noticeable on the screen in front of you, which will be in a certain area. Use the control keys to control the activities of the saint. You have to run on a certain course and collect different kinds of things and gold coins scattered everywhere. As your saint passes, various obstacles and traps will lie paused. Some of them he will actually want to get around, while others the person has to get around.