Yummy Tales 2

Yummy Tales 2 is here to rate you! Meet Oscar, your dearest companion and insightful dog! It will help you with the care and attention of your livestock. Assuming you're ready, put on your boots and get in the game now! Growing food from the ground is great for you, but did you realize that it's also fun to play with? In this brilliant and delicious habit-forming game, you will probably complete each level by following different tasks. Assuming you're ready to see the difficulties, how about we jump into the game! There are many levels in the game, but you have to open them separately. You need to match at least three organic products or vegetables of a similar kind to remove them from the board. Continue to mix and match leafy foods until your creatures are strongly supported. You will have to start again if you do not complete the level before you have finished the moves! Play through more than 900 different levels of riddles. Complete daily missions and challenges to receive great rewards and gifts, such as coins and sponsors, that will help you complete even the most challenging levels. Stop fooling yourself and start playing now. Together with a fun puppy named Yummy, you in the game Yummy Tales 2 will cross a mysterious land and help its inhabitants to collect. In front of you on the screen there will be a battlefield inside, isolated in an equivalent number of cells. Each of them will contain an organic product or vegetable of one kind or another. You need to inspect everything carefully and find a bunch of indistinguishable items on the spot. You can move one of them with the mouse with one cell on each side. Your task is to place a single row of three pieces of similar elements. Then, at this point, they will disappear from the battlefield and you will get tricks for it. Your task is to score as many tricks as would be reasonable in the time allotted to complete the level. Yummy Tales 2 has appeared full of amazing new riddles, prepared to test your understanding and your amazing knowledge! Put yourself in the shoes of our very astute canine companion named Oscar and help him combine indistinguishable organic products or vegetables in gatherings of at least 3 to throw them away to take care of the various farm animals you have to deal with. with love. Carefully consider each progression you take and figure out how to get to the end of each level before you have completed the moves. Can you overcome each of the difficulties? Rate over 900 unique riddles and complete various missions and daily difficulties to receive exceptional prizes and unimaginable gifts. Have fun!