Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War is an action game where you have to defend the kingdom from the armed forces of the Dim Ruler. Gather your best legends and set your procedure to win the battle. The kingdom is once again at grave risk! Many of the dumb masters are located on the line, and this means that the conflict will be really dangerous! Make a group of legends and explore as you upgrade and make relics. The main objective of the game is to protect your city from different players while trying to destroy your enemy's palaces. The battle ends with you getting 5 legend cards that will allow you to use them. Maps are available in town communities or by raiding. To go after a group of enemies, click on them and select Battle. In the battle zone, you can deploy your legends to your advantage. From this point on, click on the Battle. So come on, we have to play. Build fields in your kingdom to select fighters and transform them into champions with Raid Heroes: Total War! Fight trolls, grab gold and work on your warriors to plan the next attack! Put resources into the future and build new palaces to increase your pay! Do you have the necessary means to protect your properties? Unleash the wrath of your kingdom's enemies and create multiple legends! Collect character cards and further develop them to defend your lanes against both trolls and different players on the net! You can unpause and start earning by following the exercise instructions. Place your legends in the most important places on your side of the field and watch the different sides of the conflict close in. Take a look at the development, percentages and successes of your legends and use your participation in the following battles. Increase your wealth by ten by watching short ads after levels to develop your legends many times faster. You can save gold among matches and craft palaces that bring you recurring automated income. Visit these palaces randomly to collect cargo and speed up the training system of your legends. Follow the ruler's prompts and join the internet-based arena to find out how you fare against others. Together with a unit of legends, you will go to the border of the kingdom to fight units of beasts that attacked the nation of individuals. You in the game Raid Heroes: Total War will help them in this experience. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a person for yourself, who will be equipped with specific weapons and will have hand-to-hand combat abilities. From this point on, your legend will be in the space where your opponent will be. With the help of an exclusive control panel you have to send your legend on the attack. He moved towards the opponent, he will start walking after him. Hitting your legend will reset the person's health until he wipes it out. For killing an opponent, you will get focuses in the game Raid Heroes: Total War and proceed to a higher level of the game. A terrible and deadly danger is indeed closing in on your kingdom! Is it true or not that you are ready to stop this horrible bad dream in Raid Heroes: Total War game? Streams of risk animals, essential to the dangerous hordes of the Dim Master's army, have arrived at the walls, protecting your nondescript city, ready to destroy every one of its inhabitants and hold on to power. The conflict is coming, so you must save all your energy and decisively deploy all your wizards, fighters and strong archers to defeat these dangerous animals in an extreme battle of strength and endurance. Is it safe to say you're done? Invade the domains of other players and feel like a true pioneer, making your relatives triumph.