Kickflip Santa

Kickflip Santa is a side scroller where you play as a skating Santa and deliver presents to kids while doing stunts and crashing! You have to pass explicit measures of gifts in each level, and your score depends on both the amount of gifts passed and your absolute stunt performance score! Dive over mythical people and kick a Christmas tree, then aim your way down the slope to become the ultimate Kickflip Santa! Check out each of the different skins and skateboards to customize Kickflip Santa to the way you want it to look! Could you ever skate to save Christmas?

Saint Nick Claus understood that handing presents to reindeer children is very uncomfortable, on the grounds that there are many different options available today. Among them, the elderly person preferred a skateboard, on which he distributed gifts during the game. Everyone can join in on this great experience with Kickflip Santa.