Get ready to make the most of your number one game by playing an intriguing football game! You will get the opportunity to test your abilities with a ball by playing 2 against 2 and 3 against 3 players. Is it true to say that you are prepared for good times? Demonstrate which group is a great race as you go around the field without thinking, and figure out how to grab the ball from your opponents to score a goal. Will you be fast enough to achieve an amazing goal without being stopped? Avoid the coming stones, take the biggest prize for a dog and do not give up despite the difficulties! In the exciting new game Brawlball. io you and various players from all over the world will play football. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your man. He will have a certain speed and real qualities. From now on, a football field will appear on the screen, where your player and his opponents will be. A ball will appear at the focal point of the field. You must use the control keys to make your saint rise forward across the field. You have to take the ball. Opponents will stop you from doing this. Then you have to fight them. You can take out your opponents by striking. Once you take the ball, you will stumble into the field with it and hit the opponent's goal. If your point is correct, you will score a goal and get tricks for it.