Rusher Crusher

In a huge city, an entrance opened, from which pixel beasts appeared. You in Rusher Crusher game will help your personality to fight against them. Your legend has introduced an automatic weapon and several rocket launchers on his vehicle. From that moment on he left the shed and raced through the roads of the city. Check the screen. Deftly driving a vehicle, you have to bypass various types of deterrents located around. When you encounter a pixel beast, open fire to kill. By shooting accurately, you will destroy the beast and get focuses for it. After a while, there will be ammo, and for this you need to gather.

Rusher Crusher is an arcade game where you defeat pixel beasts using your vehicle's weapons and turrets. Your city is attacked by various colossal pixel beasts that destroy everything in their path and you need to update your weapons and attack speed to attack pixels. You have 20 seconds in each level to destroy the beast and remember that overcoming one is really hard. So get ready to bite the dust and then work on your vehicle to give it another try with a more grounded weapon. Try to shoot the flying boosters on your screen to have a constant attack. There are many beasts in Rusher Crusher waiting for you to find and destroy them!