Zoom-Be is a fun game in which you help two zombie companions to get out of a shrewd office through crowded levels. Use your BRAAINS and rationale to solve each of the mysteries, try not to get caught and especially never leave your companion. Some relationships last forever, but some last longer. Take these two zombie companions to reach each of the stars in each level and you can reach the lift to complete your experience. Everyone has different qualities, strengths, capacities ... use them when it's important. In the distant future, prisons appeared on earth where zombies with the basics of knowledge were kept. There were cold-blooded probes for them. Today, in the new game Zoom-Be, several detained zombies have to escape from prison. You will see a prison on the screen in front of you. There will be two zombies in different cells. Remember that with the help of the control keys you can deal with two legends at once. Your task is to help them get the cells and lead them to the exit. This should be done so that you are not identified by security and do not fall into the field of view of CCTV cameras. Regularly during transit you will overcome traps and obstacles that your legends must bypass.