Hefty Shaman Deluxe

Hefty Shaman Deluxe is a stage game where you have the influence of a clan of people who love rain and summon it constantly. To do this, they must bring the rainstone of their change. To do this, you need to gather your related clans and go through the relentlessly disturbing levels with spikes, pig and extreme parkour! Each new level brings new mechanics to pay special attention to and, surprisingly, more enemies trying to stop the downpour! Don't forget about the collectible birds in each level to collect ;). Can you bring the rain anytime?

Hefty Shaman Deluxe is a puzzle platformer where you can make shockwaves on the ground and cooperate in strange ways with enemies and traps around you.
Being strong is great, especially for this shaman who uses this "power" to make ripples on the ground as he tries to carry the clan and the rainstone into the special stepped area.

Can you do the pouring rain dance to order?

Hefty Shaman Deluxe is a free stage puzzle game. The fate of the clan rests in your hands, your feet, and your enchanted staff. You will need to order the divine beings for a supernatural event to last the month. Thirty days and thirty prelims will force you to prove that even though you may have put on some weight, you know how to use it. As the Mighty Shaman, you'll need to use your high-level loadout to move the very ground beneath you, cause several earthquakes, shake the Earth, and jump over deterrents if you need to make a difference. Pick up other tribesmen along the way and carry them to safety. It is a puzzle platformer game in the light of speed, gravity and material science. As you watch from the sidelines, starting from one level and then onto the next, you'll have to choose some way to avoid spiked traps, chasms, and walking partners in crime. There are no updates or upgrades in this game, just you and your brains trying to use your weight to save the world. You can do it, it won't be easy, but it will be worth the effort.