A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is an interesting football match for two players. Your group consists only of a cloth doll that you have to hit the ball to score a goal. A small world championship was made by Rujo Games. In this game, the famous title "Mangle a Doll" meets football, which takes into account the stupid circumstances of its origin. Decide to play in training mode or play for the World Cup. Choose the problem, choose a group and clear your way through the race. Pay attention to the "Golden Goal" mode. In this mode, scoring 1 goal is enough to win and go through the stages of the competition. However, be careful, your opponent also needs only 1 goal. Knock your man against the ball and make your way to the finish. Would you be able to win a small World Cup. A little World Cup is a little fun 2D football game. Choose your group and try to score in the goal of rivals. Find this super fun football sim! Evaluate physics-based matches that are the last 90 seconds and have no rhyme or reason. Throw your players noticeable around, roll, jump ... It's hard, but still not possible. Little World Cup is an extremely fun 2D realistic football match. Choose your group №1 and shoot each of your abilities as a football player! Slide the ball against your opponent with the opportunity to score different goals and be an exceptional hero of the round! Show all your football abilities to your companions in A Small World Cup with extremely fun interactivity!