Yummy Cupcake

Today, a young lady named Yumi has to satisfy her companions with freshly made delicious cupcakes. In the game Yummy Cupcake will help her set them up. The kitchen in which your champion will be will appear on the screen in front of you. You will have specific food and cooking items available. The main thing you need to do is set the cookie dough. Once it is ready, you can empty it into the tins. Several biscuits can be loaded with a kind of filling. Then, at this point, put the biscuits in the broiler and cook. When you take the biscuits out of the broiler, you can pour them with an assortment of delicious syrups. Once the cupcakes are ready, you can serve them in the Yummy Cupcake game. Yummy Cupcake is a leisure game to become the best gourmet cupcake specialist. Prepare the mixture, choose the right paper cups and enhance each cake with different types of garnishes, icing and more! Then, at this point, offer each of the cupcakes to your customers. Yummy Cupcake is a fun tasty and delicious cupcake game for everyone. Have you ever tried to make delicious cupcakes if you do not relax, this game is around for all ages. You can make delicious and delicious cupcakes and serve them to customers and have great fun. So for this you need to follow the main achievements, such as cleaning, tidying, collecting, sponsorship, glazing and serving. So, as for the to-do list, clean the rooms and sort the cupcakes, collect things, fill the attacker, heat them to a cake, enhance with delicious and hard garnishes and serve the customer with heaps of adoration. Since we have a few things to take care of, customers will pay you, so make sure the order and time, that's all, here's your game. Another advantage here is that this game helps to further develop your math.