Clone 2048

In the year 2048, the entire planet of Wuberan has been contaminated by a secret infection. Can you survive this dangerous achievement in Clone 2048 game? Dr. Wong has the open door and the honor of being given the opportunity to investigate this strange case.

Take part in this perfect combination of Pinnacle Protection game and Match 3 game and prepare to proceed with a one-of-a-kind battle covered by warriors as you join indiscernibles to evolve them to work on your guards however you is expected and destroy every last one of the advancing zombies ready to destroy everything. Try not to let humanity come to a conclusion and find the answer to this terrifying treachery that is undermining the security of the world.

Clone2048 is a 2048 consolidation game with some activity in it. In the year 2048, Dr. Wong explores the planet Wuberan, which is infected with a secret infection. Place all of Dr. Wong's clone officers in perfect position to make the fighters merge into more down-to-earth soldiers to defeat every one of the zombies in the world.

In 2048, the entire planet of Wuberan was infected by a secret infection. Dr. Wong is given to investigate all the cases when he shows up there with his clone trooper. Position the fighter to guard and consolidate 3 of them to match and form a stronger warrior. It's a great combination of top defense and match 3 game where you try to help a planet.

The base of researcher and designer Dr. Wong, located on a distant planet, was haunted by a horde of zombies. Our person needs to protect his research facility and you will help him in this game Clone 2048. In front of you on the screen will be visible the laboratory where Dr. Wong will be found. Hordes of zombies will move towards her. Dr. Wong plans for automated employees. With the help of an extraordinary dashboard, you have some control over the activities of the robots. You need to carefully review all this and recognize decisively significant spots. Using the board, you will place the robots in the area. The moment the zombies approach them, the robots will start shooting at them. By shooting accurately, your warriors will destroy zombies and you will be given focuses for it.