Lunar Knight

Lunar Knight is a pixel experience game with roguelike components to it. Fight in a randomly generated world. Cut through crowds of opponents. Work on your solidarity and master new abilities to become healthier. Fight against strong managers to test your fighting skills. Discover new long-lasting abilities to use in future prison jobs. Unlock different things and redesign your personality from head, body and weapons as you wish. This game has a top-down story with various impeccably drawn characters. This is the perfect opportunity to start the experience.

Rather, join the intrepid little guy who has chosen to go into a huge pixelated world possessed by beasts. They even thought for a moment of going after the universe of the fearless knight without asking the inhabitants of the world and now they must be sent back and the people who do not agree must be wiped out. Show all you can, prepare for battles with epic bosses, acquire and dominate combat abilities, find hidden items and explore the wonderful pixel world.