Daily Dadish

Daily Dadish is a role-playing game where you are a dad who is responsible for keeping track of your kids. Jump and run through obstacles to rejoin your youngsters, no matter the cost. What makes this game so outstanding is the way you'll find an alternate level that doesn't look like the previous Danish games at all. There are 365 exquisitely handcrafted levels and many wonders waiting for you to explore. With 10 unlockable characters and the series' unique soundtrack, you'll never tire of playing this game. Is it true that you are prepared for a year-long adventure with father?

While Papa Radish was resting, each of his children took off somewhere and now he desperately needs to track them down as they can cause trouble. A man goes in search of his offspring, and during this excursion many risks seek him. It is worth keeping an organization with the father of the radishes and helping to adapt to the demand of the young for sure.