Mike And Mia The Firefighter

Mike And Mia The Firefighter is a decorated game where you help Mike and Mia bounce on their trolley and go to a crisis mission! Dress them up with some adorable fireman furniture and upgrade the cart. Save all the cats and put out the flames. Be the firefighter legend with Mike and Mia.

Yip! We are here with another game from the lovely Mike and Mia. They are both firefighters now and this is Mike and Mia: The Firefighter. So try to help and protect everyone in the firefighter job. So right now let's beautify yourself with the latest firefighter dresses. Then help them protect the adorable little cats that are trapped in the trees, rescue them by using the trampoline. Jump and save the cats, finally put out the fire using your fire engine as we all realize that this is a rescue job and there will be several injuries. Pamper them and make them look cheerful and solid again.