Kour.io is an online multiplayer FPS where you have to show who really is the best Kour! There are three different game modes to choose from; A gun game - where each kill gives you a fresher and stronger firearm, a group deathmatch - where you have to lead your group to triumph by getting the most kills, or a crazy situation where each Kur fights alone for my self. With the tricks you deliver in matches, you can buy cases! Each crate contains a cool reward, like a skin for your weapon or another outfit for your Kour. You start with 7 main classes - each with their own gear and weapons. Try them all and see which one suits your playstyle best! Could it be said that you are a silent professional assassin who comes in with a silenced gun? Or on the other hand blast your enemies with the Rocketeers rocket launcher? You choose. Can you at some point become the best Kur ever?

Kour.io is an enjoyable multiplayer first-person shooter with an energetic visual style and dynamic interactivity that will constantly keep you honest! A total of 6 modes are available to explore, including group battles, battle to the very end, focus capture and more. You'll come up close to a huge ammo supply of weapons, including shotguns, assault rifles, assault rifles, huge-type automatic rifles, sniper rifles, and even explosive launchers. Challenge other real players and engage in many energizing skirmishes on a variety of new guides.