Multi Tank Battle

During the direct wars of today, such military hardware as tanks are often used. Today in the game Multi Tank Battle you will order one of them. Towards the beginning of the game, you will end up in a certain zone as a characteristic of the tank squad. At this point, you should start moving towards the enemy. When you spot them, start moving and getting closer to the opponent. Go to throwing distance, shot. In case your sight is accurate, the shot will hit the enemy combat vehicle and destroy it. Engage in epic 3D tank firefights against original units in Multi Tank Battle! Control a sensible conflict vehicle equipped with a launch vehicle and secured by layers of substantial cover. Resist the opportunity of the rival group and destroy as many of their tanks as possible to achieve a triumph for your crew. This action-packed war game emphasizes hands-on visuals and materials science: tanks look and feel legit, the immersive scene transports you to an alternate world, and the power of combat makes you forget you're sitting at your workplace in the comfort of your home . Control the vehicle by pressing W, A, S and D, aim with the mouse and shoot by tapping the left mouse button. Remember that after each shot you have to trust the firearm to reload before you can do anything else. Time your shots carefully and use this data to guard against enemy attacks. In Multi Tank Battle, two groups fight against each other online until one of them reaches a score of 15. It's usually not a good idea to go straight at enemies without reinforcements - hold tight to your partners and cover untrained officers from the opposite group all on equal terms conditions. Do you want to overcome the opponent and become successful in every battle?