Angry Shark Miami

Miami Shark is an interesting activity game from Mausland. The mission of the game is to eat everything that moves. Use the shark to eat boats, helicopters and airplanes. Control the shark with the bolt wrenches and byte with C. Play a jump by diving into the actual lower ocean and jumping straight once more. How about eating a helicopter flying in the sky? When you bounce at full power, you can destroy boats and swimmers with a giant fire attack. There are also jumpers in the water that hang firmly for you to pick up with your motor mouth. How many individuals and objects could you kill? Don't be lenient and play with Miami Shark, online and for nothing. An impatient shark has appeared on the shores of Miami and thinks he can eat everything in a way. Get involved with this amazing activity game called Angry Shark Miami. You control a special shark and try to help it swim around the waters of Miami. You control the anima while it threatens the waters, attacks ships, eats individuals and even chases planes. Destroy the entire planet! Do as much as you can, eat individuals to renew your blood and improve your score so that you can open the best sea creatures, complete all its missions and get the most remarkable result.