Nubik vs Herobrin's Army

Nubik vs Herobrin's Army is an arcade game where you have hordes of beasts. Craft weapons, repair them and use them to defeat opponents. Become a legend and save your sibling.

Mr. Herobrin, who lives in the kingdom of Minecraft, has made a whole host of beasts and sent them to defeat the city where a man named Nub lives. You in the game Nubik vs Herobrin's Army must help the legend to protect his home and the inhabitants of the city. In front of you on the screen you will see your personality, which will be in a certain region with a weapon in hand. Using the control keys, you will force the person to move forward. When he meets the beasts, your legend will enter the fray. Using different weapons, your personality will destroy each one of his opponents and for this you will be given focuses in the game Nubik vs Herobrin's Army. After death, your personality will actually want to get rewards that will drop from beasts.

"Nubik vs Herobrin's Army" is an amazing experience game where you have to help Nubik hand-to-hand defeat swarms of brutal beasts and recover his kidnapped stronger brother! There are many energizing levels ahead of you where you have to destroy streams of beasts and work on the qualities of your weapons.

Nubik vs Herobrin's Army is an amazing arcade game where streams of deadly beasts and ferocious zombies will rush towards you, ready to kill you. Craft weapons every time you complete a game by consolidating undistinguished weapons in the vault to make them evolve and spend money to work on your champion abilities.

Increase your solidarity, your opposition and become a legend saving your beloved sibling from almost 100% death due to risky enemies. Try not to give up in case you believe you can't do it anymore and draw strength from the deepest part of your being.