Tower Crush

Tower Crush is an ultimate defense game created by Unthinkable Applications. Build your top with up to six floors, load them with weapons, repair, progress and defeat your rivals in great battles! Create your own combat routine with eight new classes (Champion, Paladin, Undead, Orc, Viking, Mage, Prime, Stone Golem) and ten insanely powerful weapon types (Assault Rifles, Cannons, Firearms, Bomb Launchers, Shockwaves, Missile launchers, lasers, teslas, ice cannons, powerful plasma cannons). With north of 280 levels in the mission mode and endless fun in the multiplayer mode, every match will feel like an alternate encounter. Is it safe to say you're ready to crush your opponent's top? For honor and glory. Tower Crush is a legendary non-massive game where you assemble 1 tower, up to 6 floors, load them with weapons, repair, evolve and defeat your opponents in incredible battles. A combination of activity and methodology. A top defense game where you develop your top with lots of weapons. Collect assault rifles, cannons, firearms, grenade launchers, shockwaves, rocket launchers, lasers, Teslas, ice guns and powerful plasma cannons to help you defend your peak. Unleash the most crushing extraordinary powers on your opponents in this fighting game. Take part in a pinnacle defense game with Pinnacle Pound where you must build a strong guard pinnacle of up to 6 floors, complete with cannons, flamethrowers, missiles, laser arrays and a wide range of powerful weapons, attacks and defenses. Now is the time to unleash devastating attacks that show your weapon's power and catastrophic limit! Aim and shoot at enemy bases and figure out how to crush your opponents before their attacks destroy you. The two kingdoms whose territories are in the area cannot come to an agreement in any way, and thinking of a peaceful accord, they constantly struggle with the changing achievements. Recently, another elk for confrontation has ended and the two rulers are prepared for another one. The towers were built and pushed to the limit at Pinnacle Pound. You're going to help the peak on the left win, and for that you really want to destroy every single one of the floors that help the top peak where the power sits. Use devices for quick fixes, non-permanent freezing or shield protection, in between battles, update floors and build new ones. Don't forget to place firearms on them.