Winx Club: Dress Up

Bring some magic into your life Winx Club: Dress Up! The most beautiful pixies of the enchanted world are here with you and you admire a glittering ladies night. Now put on your wings and look stunning! Our six pixies barely manage to pop and shine for a night on the town. If there's one thing the six friends can't give up, it's their style. This is obviously different from their enchanted powers! Like strong areas for them, these companions all have different design preferences. Sprout likes to keep things exemplary when Musa is usually restless. Stella is the sparkly princess, while Tecna likes to bring her well-informed side to her style. Start with the person you love the most and choose her top, skirt, high heel boots and wings. These are the things that make the Winx brand look. So we got to flaunt the pixie in you. The young ladies of Winx Club love to dress up delightfully and stunningly. Today, in another amazing web-based game Winx Club: Dress Up, we have to welcome you to choose your own outfits for some of the young ladies. Choosing a champion from the set, you will see her in front of you. The most important thing is to do the young lady's hair and then apply cosmetics to her face. From this point on, using an unusual control panel with symbols, you can see the different choices of dresses that you will be offered to look at. You need to choose an outfit for the young lady that you prefer, which she will wear herself. Under it you can get shoes, gems and various goodies. After you dress up this young lady, you will move on to the next one in the game Winx Club: Dress Up.