Ski Challenge

Winter is not far away, which means that this is the perfect opportunity to prepare your snowboard and go to conquer the snowy mountain slopes! Ski Challenge is a fascinating multiplayer game in which you will have the chance to participate in winter competitions! In front of you is a dive on an amazing ski slope with many dangerous obstacles, such as huge snowballs, retractable wooden stakes and a surprisingly real torrent. Use the trampolines to fly over the deep abyss and quickly cross the final destination! Several sections of the road will be covered with a thick layer of ice, which will allow you to immediately move forward and stretch beyond your opponents. In any case, be careful, because when you encounter different members of the race or different obstacles, you will be paralyzed. Your person will have a total of 3 lives, so do whatever it takes to avoid making so many mistakes. Acquire gold coins and buy new snowboards and other unique skins. Take part in the charming mountain landscape and take the best position in the ranking! We wish you success and great game. Winter is upon us and she carried an exciting winter sport in her bag. One of them is skiing. The Ski Challenge 3D will help your athlete win a very challenging and sometimes even risky race. The beginning will be given when the legend attaches a monogram to his feet and jumps forward. The track is exceptional and not only in light of the fact that you are constantly winding. It is difficult to relax on slightly short, flat sections, because huge snowballs roll on the road left and right. Wooden stakes are also introduced, some of which appear and are harvested. You really want a decent answer to be able to get around all the high speed obstacles in Ski Challenge 3D.