Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 4

In Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 4, you play as a dentist who is doing pretty badly. He's poor, 100 gold coins on the red, and has an extremely destroyed brother to deal with. An opportunity to pay off the debt is looming, but his work as a dental specialist is not paying enough. With nowhere else to go, he finds a faraway in the closet that he got from a late cousin. He hides a dull mystery that can handle his every concern, but at a terrifying cost... Solve the mysteries in your office, help your patients, and unravel the murky mystery of the Kilera. Would you have the sharp wit and nerves of steel expected to tackle this horrifying secret?

So we got to the fourth part of the exciting story of the secret objects, where we have our own chain of another plot, new tasks and, obviously, new legends. The sequel ended up being commendable, the rest is really up to you. Use your reasoning and immerse yourself in the universe of horror games to help the main guy, a worthy dental specialist, escape from what is happening, which is his flaw!