Hero Rescue 1

In the intriguing new game Hero Rescue you will function as a helicopter pilot in the rescue administration. A colossal fire broke out in the city today. Many structures are on fire. Some of them will have individuals on the roofs. You have to save them all. Your helicopter will be stopped at the place of departure. At a sign, he will turn the engine. Right now, you need to get out of sight and start pushing forward. In order for your helicopter to maintain or gain altitude, you need to touch the screen with the mouse. Steps will be attached to the helicopter. You need to bring it close to the people. They can board a helicopter. For every person you save, you will receive tricks. It is an obvious fact that helicopters are used effectively in rescue operations. Perhaps the most enjoyable vehicle does not need streets and huge landing and departure areas. With our little helicopter in Hero Rescue you will complete a rescue mission in difficult circumstances. You will go to the cave where the cavers are in trouble. Sudden volcanic eruptions began and the cave was filled with consuming magma, fires broke out, people did not last long. You have to fly in a space limited by a higher place and below, land and get victims. For this situation, the helicopter must throw down and take off in a similar way, otherwise it will crash during landing or hit the roof of the cave, which is full of sharp pointed stones. With each of these results, individuals will pass and the mission will disappear. Hero Rescue is an expert game created by QKY Games. In this game you are responsible for piloting a rescue helicopter. Click or tap the screen to lift the helicopter up. Skillfully fly the helicopter and save ordinary people from a raging fire. You get more stars if you don't leave anyone behind. Could you complete Hero Rescue at any time without almost any failures?